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No matter how old you are or at what stage of life you stand, you certainly have one thing in common with others: love for gifts. The excitement that runs within when you see a freshly packed box of happiness with ribbons and glitter paper is inexpressible. But have you ever wondered what makes you so anxious and excited when it comes to gifts? It's the surprise factor.

Imagine that you can gift yourself something that can be as exciting for you as a gift you would have received from someone else. Yes, that is right. You can buy yourself a blind box, also known as a mystery box, from Mighty Jaxx, the biggest online platform for buying Toys and collectables.

Mighty Jaxx toys provide a plethora of selections for you to choose from when it comes to blind boxes and other goodies that you would like to gift children and enthusiasts. With their collection of exclusive toys, Mighty Jaxx has become immensely popular amongst kids and parents. Gone are the days when parents had to wait in long queues, buying gifts for Christmas or other occasions. Mighty Jaxx has now given vantage with highly assured quality toys that have earned parents' trust across the globe.

What are blind boxes?
Before explaining the qualities of Mighty Jaxx blind boxes, you must first know what blind boxes are. In this method of purchasing, the buyer is aloof of the contents of his purchase which makes it a bit more exciting for him. Unlike ordinary gifts and presents, the contents of the blind boxes are unknown until the box has been opened.

The most exciting bit about this concept is the ability of a blind box to surprise people. Although, blind boxes can also be associated with addiction and impulsive behaviour upon knowing that one has completely wasted his or her money on the product.

But with Mighty Jaxx blind boxes, one thing that you can be reassured of is that once you discover the contents of the blind box of your choice, you will not be disappointed. In today's world, where most youngsters are stuck in the clutches of smartphones and social media, the concept of blind boxes can be used as a positive mechanism that can motivate and even inspire children.
Consequently, the blind boxes can also help them disconnect from their cell phones and help them socialize with people. Through Mighty Jaxx blind boxes, you can evade the negative mechanism of her blind as there is always a surprise waiting for you rather than disappointment, as is the case with some other blind boxes.

The positive side
An important attribute of blind boxes is that they can positively impact the state of mind of the person to whom it is given, be it the buyer or the receiver. Not only this, but they can also help motivate people to try new things and encourage them to step out and discover things outside their comfort zones.

Mystery boxes can consist of one or more goods packed inside a box with a fixed price tag. The customer needs to pay the price irrespective of what he finds inside the box. But why would people purchase something when they don't even know what they are paying for. The answer is simple. The surprise factor associated with buying a blind box is one of the strongest motivations for buying one. The price of a blind box varies with its size and the place from where you buy it. We have listed a few benefits that you must note before you consider buying a blind box for yourself.


Advantages of buying blind boxes from Mighty Jaxx
Most importantly, most blind boxes that you can buy from Mighty Jaxx contain more than a few items, and this numbered could go even to 100, depending upon the size and price of your Blind box. By this, we make sure that you get the most for the price you pay and thus, at Mighty Jaxx, we never leave our customers disappointed.

Buying blind boxes from Mighty Jaxx is also kind of a lucky draw, as you can get items that are worth more than the price you pay for your blind box. Thus, with such items, you can not only pay off for the blind box that you purchased but also your own profit. If you don't intend to keep the contents of the mystery box that you just bought, you can easily sell it since the items you get are mostly in excellent condition.

Lastly, buying blind boxes from Mighty Jaxx is not always or gamble as the boxes are not anonymous. Through Mighty Jaxx, one can buy blind boxes of different categories; for instance, the Mighty Jaxx Sponge Bob blind box category offers you a bunch of figurines from the TV series.

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