What is a Blind Box Toy?

First time learning about 'blind box toy' and not sure about what it is? We are  here to answer all the questions that you may have in mind!

'Blind Box' is a term to describe a category of toys - where different toys from the same collection are contained in a sealed box, and nobody knows what is inside the box until you unbox the item.

Blind boxes usually come in a collection of 12 different toys, or 8, depending on the designer brands. A one or two hidden/ secret toy(s) is(are) usually included in a blind box toy series as well, but they are only included randomly in certain sets. There is no guarantee of receiving a secret toy even if you purchase a whole toy set.  

Pictures of all the toy designs from the same collection are displayed on the packaging of each blind boxes, and what you have to do is have a good guess and pick the blind box that you like!

Single Blind Box VS Complete Set 

So, is there a difference when purchasing multiple single blind boxes and a complete set?

YES, there is a significant difference! When you are purchasing multiple single blind boxes, there will be a chance of getting a duplicate. Whereas if you are purchasing a set, you can get a guarantee on getting all the basic edition toys from the series, and the chance of duplicate is also eliminated*. This is because we do mix sets when we are refilling our stocks for single blind boxes, and we won't be able to learn what is contained in the box, just as you. 

So please keep that in mind when you are considering purchasing multiple boxes from the same blind box collection.

*Expect from some series when the quantity of a complete set is greater than the number of basic edition toys.

Origin of Blind Box

The concept of blind box toy has emerged from the Japanese Fukubukuro, which stands for "lucky bag" in Japanese. The lucky bags contain unknown random contents and are sold at a substantial discount, and it could be 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within (Wikipedia). 

The idea is then carried forward in the Chinese market, and this where the blind box came from

You can read the blog from PINGWEST if you are interested in learning more about the development of the blind box toy industry: 


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