Kimmy and Miki Blind Box Series from Token Studio

Can you recall your exciting childhood birthdays when you received a pile of gifts and the excitement associated with it? The zing that rushed through your veins while you opened and unwrapped those cellophane-wrapped boxes gifted to us was inexpressible. Well, for those of you who would like to relive the adrenaline rush of the old days, Token Studio has got you covered.
Token Studio is a one-stop shopping websites for all the designer toys and collectibles that you can ever imagine for those of you who are little aware. Token Studio is good at bringing figurines to life with utmost detail and elegance. The team's enthusiasm at Token Studio is clearly visible with the quality of products provided by the website.

With Token Studio, one can explore new choices from thousands of designer toys to a set of blind boxes that the platform offers for its customers. You can also choose from the collection of limited-edition toys and the best-selling ones to maximize the fun quotient for yourself as well as for your kids as a parent.
With such interesting options on offer, you will never be out of ideas when it comes to gifting options. Whether you are looking for a gift for your kid or for your friend’s kids, the exhaustive range of options here will take care of all your requirements.

What are blind boxes?
But, before you begin with Kimmy and Miki series blind boxes that are on offer on Token Studio, you must first acquaint yourself with the question as to what blind boxes are. As the name suggests, blind boxes are a box of goodies bought anonymously without the buyer knowing what's inside. Along with this, blind boxes have several benefits associated with them.

For instance, they help reduce the social impact of smartphones and other digital sources of entertainment which have made our society sluggish and has taken away creativity and curiosity from individuals. Token Studio, through its attractive blind box designs, is trying to bring up the positive mechanism of blind boxes that can help in motivating and inspiring children while helping people to disconnect from social media and instead work on their connections and develop better focusing while helping them in socializing.

Through blind boxes from Token Studio, one can assure himself that they will not be addressed by the negative mechanism involved in buying blind boxes. The negative mechanism is that buying a blind box involves a factor of risk: one can end up wasting all his investment as the blind box could turn out to be full of goods that are completely useless and worthless.

At Token Studio, the team of designers has tried to stand up to the expectation levels of their customers. The team is motivated to design such blind boxes that positively influence the buyer while motivating him or her to try new things. Our designs are not age-restricted and are made for almost every toy lover, a 6-year-old kid or his parent.

Kimmy and Miki blind boxes at Token Studio
With a wide range of blind boxes available at Token Studio, buyers can choose a single-blind box or a set of blind boxes of their choice from the platform. With the Kimmy and Miki Blind Boxes, you can involve yourself in collecting all the 12 designs that are out for sale. These include the exclusive figures of 2 secret chasers rare to find. In the new Kimmy and Miki blind box series, you can get your sweet little overdose of cuteness without worrying about spending too much on the goodies.
The new range of Kimmy and Miki series is offered in popular desserts, including gummy bears, candies, chocolates and even cakes. The contents are housed in a translucent package and even trues to resemble the textures of the above-mentioned sugary treats. It is highly probable that once you start exploring these adorable and plush toys from Token Studio, they may become irresistible for you as well as for the people around you.

Who are Kimmy and Miki?
Kimmy is a female character with a sweet and cheerful face and a girlish heart. Her eyes shine like a star, and she is fond of cats. On the other hand, her counterpart Miki is a catgirl with similar characteristics and features to Kimmy's. Both the figures stand 3 inches tall and come packed inside a mystery box, the contents of which will remain unknown until and unless you open the box yourself. Both Miki and Kimmy come in six different designs and one chase figure for each of the two.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Token Studio and order some great gifts.

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