[Token Newsletter] July's Feature Brand: Finding Unicorn

Finding Unicorn (F.UN)

Brand Introduction: Finding Unicorn was founded in May 2018. Currently, its popular includes Farmer BOB, Rico, and Zhodawang etc. The brand won a large group of fans when the IPs are released. As its name, the brand is committed in finding and collaborating with the most unique and aestetic looking IP and their artists worldwide. By following its initial intention to build trendy artistic toys, and create the excitement when exploring the unknown. Let's start FINDING!

Event: Finding Unicorn Lucky Wheel

Event Period: 2021-07-02 (Friday) ~ 2021-07-31 (Sunday) 

Any purchase of two blind boxes from F.UN will be eligible turning the lucky wheel for once (in-store only), and thereby a chance of winning a free blind box and various cash coupons!

In this summer, starts the journey of finding unicorn with Token!

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