Catch the tail of the cherry blossom season with Lulu the Piggy!



Lulu in Bloom Sakura Series 2 by Cici's Story 

Have not seen you all in a while! Lulu the Piggy is back in a brand new series - Lulu in Bloom Sakura Series 2. This series comes into a total of 4 designs with one additional secret edition. Lulu is back with four friends this time - 'Blossom', 'Joy', 'Cherry' and 'Floral'. Let's have a sneak peak at the Lulu friends together!

 LULU the Bloom Series 2: Blossom Edition

Lulu the Bloom@Blossom

Blossom has been waiting long to meet you under the cherry blossom tree.


Lulu the Bloom@Joy

Joy has prepared everything needed for picnic and here inviting you to enjoy the view of the rain of cherry blossom


Lulu in Bloom@Cherry

Cherry is wearing her favourite JK sailor suit 


Lulu in Bloom@Flora

Catch the tail of spring with Flora and bath under the morning sun. 

Lulu in Bloom Series 2 is now available in Token Studio Inc, get your Lulu the piggy before they are gone!

Token Studio Inc. 

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