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On the side of the box is a list of all the figures in a series and the chances of finding each one. One or two "chase" characters, who have the lowest odds and are displayed in shadow, may also appear. Chase figurines are extremely rare, making them more challenging to get than other figures. They provide super-mystery figurines that aren't even listed on the box on rare occasions. They have even featured hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind figurines by well-known artists in the past. In the blind box series Rico, there are many Series of Rico available at Token Studio, e.g., Rico Happy Daily Series Blind Box. It contains 12 different designs with two hidden figures. 

What is Blink Box Series?

The term "blind box" or "blind packaged" refers to the fact that you have no idea which precise design from a series you will receive. Boxes and bags are sealed making it impossible to identify what toys are inside. It's similar to buying trading cards; only you get a fantastic item instead of a piece of 

Cardboard. These blind boxes come with various personalities and designs, one as charming as the last. Attempt to catch as many as you can or try to gather them all.

What is the Abstract of Blind Box?

Blind box toys are randomly placed in boxes and have been a popular draw for decades. Rico Sweet Days Series Blind Box has become a massive hit in the United States. Despite their popularity, no one knows what makes blind box toys fun, and no one has done any study into what makes them different from opening toys when the user knows what's inside. A series of tests will uncover what makes blind box toys appealing to understand this phenomenon better.

About Token Studio

Token Studio was created in 2020 as a designer toy shop. Their objective is to deliver delight and excitement to all toy collectors and blind box toy enthusiasts. The firm was started by a group of young people who are also committed and enthusiastic about collectibles. With Token, their primary objective is to distribute fine sculptural art as possible. They intend to use this chance to introduce everyone else to the high-quality toys that they have come to love, from our best-selling items to limited editions. You can find Rico Happy Festival Present Series Blind Box in Token studio at a very affordable price. 

What is the Method of Blind Box

If you have Rico Happy Cosmo Series Blind Box, then look at the Designers who utilized the following technique to accomplish their research:

  • The participant was instructed to open each blind box toy in sequence from left to right and score their enthusiasm depending on the graphic design.

  • Method 1: Uses two circumstances to see if the sequence of the blind boxes affects their attraction.
  1. Condition 1: Blind boxes are arranged in an arbitrary sequence.
  2. Condition 2: Blind boxes are arranged in a particular sequence depending on the design.

  • Method 2: Using three circumstances, determine if the graphic style of the package affects its attraction.
  1. Condition 1: All visual identifiers are randomly assigned to blind boxes.
  2. Condition 2: Blind boxes are ordered randomly and have no visual indicators other than the style label.
  3. Condition 3: Blind boxes are randomly organized with no visual or stylistic markers, using a random order generator, and the same order was utilized throughout the trial.

  • After all of the boxes had been opened, the participants were given a series of study-related questions.

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